Ebates Review: Cash Back Rewards

Ebates Review: Cash Back Rewards

Are you one of those people you look for a great deal before making a purchase? Or search for coupons so you can get a great price? Then Ebates is for you! Ebates is a cash back rewards program to pays you for shopping—it’s that simple! They offer 1%, 5%, and even up to 20% cash back rewards on eligible purchases. They also have a rotating carousel of stores that qualify for Double Cash Back Rewards! I believe Ebates has one of the best cash back rewards programs out there. Imagine getting a cash back bonus with every purchase you made… Yeah, it’s pretty awesome!

How It Works

Ebates has partnered with 100s of stores to offer cash back rewards, so when you shop at your favorites stores you receive a cash back bonus. The stores pay Ebates a commission for sending customers to shop at their website, and Ebates share that commission with its members! Pretty generous of them, right? There is no risk to join; no signup or membership fees—it’s free! As a matter of fact, there are times they offer a $10 bonus just to join. Once a member, all you have to do it activate the Ebates cash back button each time you shop online, on the go, or in store and start earning cash back rewards! Each shopping trip is recorded and once the purchase is complete, your rewards will be updated within a few days. Payouts, or Big Fat Checks are made quarterly (every 3 months) through PayPal or check; sometimes you have the option to receive the rewards on a gift card. I would definitely recommend installing the Ebates browser extension; it will automatically pop up and offer to active cash back rewards any time you land on a participating vendor’s site. So you never miss an opportunity to earn!

Get to Shopping!

You can shop at your favorite at some of favorite stores like Nike, Kohl’s, Ebay and Zulily. I was really surprised at how many different stores are connected with Ebates, and it made me want to do more online shopping! Wait… Not more, as in just more shopping. But more like looking for items I would normally purchase in store-online. For example, I would normally shop at Walmart anyway, but using Ebates to shop online gives me those cash back rewards; and my order is delivered to my door. *Now, you can get cash back both online and in-store—so you save either way!* And don’t think it’s just for clothes or shoes, the categories cover from traveling to services. Some of my favorite participating stores are Amazon, Old Navy, and Expedia (YES! Expedia!) When I upgraded my cell phone last year, I received a very generous cash back reward—which helped fund my Christmas shopping! OH, speaking of Christmas; the savings and cash back rewards are absolutely phenomenal during this season. No Black Friday throw downs, dealing with out of stock items, and the overwhelming stress Christmas shopping can cause. For the last few years, I have purchased all my gifts shopping online through Ebates—I get good prices and get cash back! It’s a win-win situation!

Coupons and Other Services

In addition to the cash back rewards program, Ebates also has a slew of coupons available! This is savings on top of savings because you still receive your cash back rewards on purchases, as well as the coupons with all your favorite stores! But there’s more! Ebates has recently introduced the Ebates Cash Back Visa credit card, where you can earn 3% cash back rewards when shopping online with Ebates and 1% cash back everywhere Visa is accepted!

Start Earning Cash Back Rewards

It’s so easy to start earning cash back with Ebates!

  • Join Ebates– with valid email address (and PayPal information, if applicable)
  • Activate Ebates- either with the browser extension for the desktop or the mobile app for in-store and on-the-go shopping.
  • Shop at any of your favorite participating stores and watch the rewards add up!

Don’t Shop Without It!

Ebates is a must-have for those who love to shop and save money. Since I live in a rural area, I am a huge fan of online shopping. It is so much easier, and sometimes cheaper to shop online than to drive an hour or two to the nearest retailer. Ebates is an amazing cash back rewards program that allows you to save (and earn) cash while shopping! And let’s be honest, who doesn’t like to save?

Ebates Coupons and Cash Back


  1. So I get paid to buy stuff I need? That looks like a nice deal. I will be on the lookout for that $10 bonus for signing up though! 

    One question: They pay you back via your Paypal account? If so, that would be great, since I already have that.

    Oh and just like you, I’m a big fan of online shopping. I will definitely check Ebates out. Thanks for the tip!

    • Absolutely! You get paid for shopping. Ebates does have the option to have your quarterly Big Fat Check sent via Paypal. That is one of my favorite features about them because I love using Paypal. Thanks for the comment, and Happy Earning! 


    Ebates is truly an amazing platform for shopping maniacs, and if you don’t know what you really want to buy, you might end up buying a lot of stuff just for the sake of buying. 

    There are times when I would just visit the platform for eye shopping, and it’s incredibly easy to use. You can compare the same product, across over 50 online stores at a glance. Just type the name of the product in their search bar and press enter, and the list is displayed, so that you can easily select which one is cheapest and proceed to visit store.

    By the way, I used to know Ebates to affiliate with 1000s of stores, has it changed?

    • Thanks so much for leaving a comment! And you’re absolutely right, it is easy to use and you can use the search option; that’s a great point and one I forgot to mention! Thanks!  Ebates does still affiliate with 1000s of stores, which is one of my favorite features about Ebates. I know I can find what I need at a good price, and still earn cash back! Thanks again for visiting my page. 

  3. Thank you for the valuable information.  Ihave seen several ads on TV for Ebates and I have always wondered how it worked.  At one point I did sign up, but it seemed too good to be true, so I never followed through with it and made any purchases with Ebates.  I have tried Swag Bucks.  It is similar.  They have surveys you can answer to earn points.  You can also shop with it in stores and receive additional points.  They don’t pay cash though.  You can trade in your points for a gift card.  It takes a really a lot of points to have any value though.  Ebates seems like a much better way to go.  

    • Hey there, Marla! Thanks so much for stopping by! I can understand your hestation about joining and participating with Ebates. But it’s definitely worth using if you like to shop online. I have heard of Swag Bucks, but what I really like about Ebates is they pay you in cash either thru Paypal or check. Thanks again for the comment. 

  4. I have never used Ebates, but I believe that I will begin to use the program after reading your review. I do a lot of online shopping and always am looking for ways to save money or earn cash back! Who doesn’t love cash back!?

    I use a lot of other rebate or money back/savings programs that are really awesome, too. With all the different programs I use I do believe that soon I will get paid to shop! (Now wouldn’t that be awesome?)

    Ebates looks incredibly easy to use and I am excited to try it out as soon as I get approved. 

    Do you know will the rebates that I already receive from places like Walmart (for using their credit card) still be applied? I’m hoping so because I shop there often.

    • Hi Karin, thanks for leaving a comment! Yes, I love using Ebates because I shop online a lot. It is definitely easy to use, and it’s great when the plugin shows you which sites participates  in the cashback and how much you can earn! And to answer your question, yes you can still receive your rewards through credit cards and department stores. Ebates gives you cashback rewards based on how much you spend at a particular site. I do know that you are not able use another cashback rewards program with Ebates. So happy shopping! Thanks again for stopping by. 

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