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FusionCash is an online rewards community where you can earn a little extra cash taking surveys, watching videos, and completing online tasks. If you are not sure about taking online surveys or the expectations and ways to earn, Click here to read my post Make Money with Online Surveys.


Membership Fee: Free Membership – and includes $5 Bonus! (Click to Join)

Rating: 7.5/10

FusionCash offers numerous different ways to turn those pennies into dollars

  • Surveys – this is my favorite way to earn cash on FusionCash because they offer higher payouts than other sites. Completed surveys (real surveys, not offers) can earn you from $.40 up to $5.00 per survey, and many have a 1 cent disqualification bonus -which means you didn’t meet the requirements to complete the survey, but you still get 1 cent. It may not sound like much, but those pennies add up- and it’s definitely better than nothing at all! J Most surveys are between 10 and 30 minutes in length, and credit is applied quickly. I have actually enjoyed participating in the surveys at FusionCash because I qualify for more, and they are fun!
  • Paid to Sign-Up, Paid to Click, and Paid to Call – FusionCash offers cash rewards for signing up with other programs, services, or trying products. Many do not require credit, but there are some paid offers available. What sets FusionCash apart from other sites is it not overwhelmed with ads. Paid to Click offers are limited to 15 cents a day, and Paid to Call usually has very few available offers, but it updates regularly. These are great ways to add money to your balance if you have some spare time.
  • Watch Videos and Clip Coupons – You can earn 1-2 cents for watching short videos or commercials. You may see a few that offer ½ a cent to watch, and your account is credited 1 cent after completing two of these videos. The Listen to Radio feature allows you to earn a few pennies for every 30 minutes you listen- earning while you jam!
  • Online Tasks – FusionCash connects with CrowdFlower to offer online tasks and an opportunity to earn ½ a cent and up for each completed assignment. Most of the assignments request information such as where the page was found, and your opinion regarding the site. The more you work, the more you can earn!
  • Games- You can play your favorite games and earn while you play! This is awesome for those you like to play online games! Check FusionCash first before you play online games; you could earn some cash just for playing!
  • Mobile/Tablet- Of course with the technology, devices, and apps available, FusionCash has found another way to offer a few cents for using apps on your mobile device. The rewards vary, but remember every penny adds up!

Bonus Offers

In addition to surveys and tasks, FusionCash offers Bonus offers and other ways to add pennies to your balance; including Daily Cash Email, and participating in online forums. You can earn 2₵ a day for opening an email from your inbox- and it is only once per day, so you don’t have to worry about inbox overload. Participating in the post forum can earn you weekly rewards, which can lead to a $3 bonus for participating for the entire month! Although I am not much of a forum participant, I do like how FusionCash finds several ways to earn cash. There is something for everyone!

Community Support

A factor that sets FusionCash apart from other rewards sites is the Community Forum feature they have. This forum allows members to communicate, share, and interact; and most earn cash this way! The topics range from payment updates to unrelated subjects like religion and politics. I believe this is different from other survey sites because you can connect with people from everywhere who are participating in the activities FusionCash has to offer.

       Several ways to earn        Fun and Interactive Surveys        $5 Sign-Up Bonus        Bonus offers to add extra pennies        Community Forum  Time-consuming (completing surveys, and tasks) Pennies may take a while to build-up  

My Review

Overall, FusionCash is an awesome way to make a few extra dollars a day, which can definitely add up in the long run! This is great for those who enjoy giving their opinion, playing games online or just looking for a good way to put a few extra bucks in the bank!


Membership Fee: Free Membership – and includes $5 Bonus! (Click to Join)

Rating: 7.5/10

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Free Money at FusionCash!

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