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InboxDollars Review

InboxDollars is the online rewards club that pays! And one of my favorite online survey sites to participate in because of all the fun ways to earn, and the payouts are a little better than other communities. They offer cashback rewards and they have a mobile app for earning cash on the go! Another reason InboxDollars is different is the blog, which gives you tips on how to earn more cash.  If you’re not sure if online surveys are for you, check out my post Make Money with Online Surveys; it will give you a general idea of what to expect.


Membership Fee: Free Membership! – includes $5 Bonus! (Click to Join)

Rating: 9.5/10

Ways to Earn

There are countless online survey sites out on the World Wide Web today, but InboxDollars surpasses the masses. They offer so many ways to earn cash, I’m sure there is definitely something for everyone at InboxDollars. Before I get into the different activities, I want to cover Scratch and Win progress and Spin to Win tokens because I will be referring to them a few times throughout this post. There are some activities that give you Scratch and Win progress instead of cash, but once you reach one of three levels you can play a scratch card for a chance to win up to $10, up to $25, and up to $100 instantly! Spin to Win tokens can be earned by taking surveys and can land you Scratch and Win progress, a survey boost, or instant cash! So regardless of what activities you participate in, it will all earn you cash!


Of course, surveys are the best way to earn cash at InboxDollars. The payouts are range from .25 to $2 and higher; which is better than most online survey sites. Participating in surveys also earns you a Spin to Win token, where you can earn more cash, Scratch and Win progress, or a boosts in your next survey.


InboxDollars has offers for everyone ranging from insurance quotes to sweepstakes entries and sign-ups. The payouts can range from $2 – $15 or more!  Keep in mind that some of these offers are paid offers and require that you sign up, subscribe, or purchase to receive the payout. This definitely does not mean you have to participate. However, I would strongly recommend only accepting offers that you were already interested in.

Watch TV or Videos

If you enjoying watching videos and TV, then this is a great way for you to earn extra cash with InboxDollars. Channels for watching TV include entertainment and news, but my favorite is Recipe TV because I love to learn new recipes! When you watch TV with InboxDollars, it applies to your Scratch and Win progress (which I’ll explain later), but this gives you a chance to win cash and increase your balance! Watching videos is another way to earn cash. It’s much like watching TV, but the videos usually last about one minute or there are three short videos that can earn you a penny or two. Although it may not seem like much, know those can add up!


Wouldn’t it be great to get paid to play the games you already love? Uh, absolutely! InboxDollars has partnered with GSN (Game Show Network) and World Winner to give players 18% cashback! Honestly, I have never heard of this before, and I think it’s awesome! I’m a fan of Monopoly and Bejeweled myself, and the cashback reward just makes playing my favorite games that much sweeter! So let the games begin! =)

Easy Cash

“No Credit Card Needed”. These are offers that free to join, sign up, or participate and are great for those who are looking to add cash to the balance. The offers can range from insurance quotes to quick surveys. This is probably the first page I visit when I log in to InboxDollars just to see the offers for the day.

Search and Deals

Performing a web search within InboxDollars can earn you progress towards Scratch and Win. How it works is you perform four web searches a few days out of the week and gain more progress towards the next level of Scratch and Win. Under Deals, you will find Groupon,, and InboxDollars Shopping. When you purchase products or services from Groupon through InboxDollars, you earn 5% cashback rewards! I love this since Groupon has offers that are already discounted! You can earn .10 for every coupon you clip at, and InboxDollars Shopping offers cashback rewards up to 4%. These are awesome ways to earn a little cash for things you already do!


PaidEmail is a service you can subscribe to that will send offers to your email. Just confirming the PaidEmail earns you progress towards Scratch and Win, but this is also a great way to see the current offers available at InboxDollars. You can still earn cash for completing the offer, but it is not required.

Mobile App

InboxDollars has a mobile app that lets you earn cash on the go! You can take surveys, check you PaidEmails, or play games! There are a few options that are not available, but it has offers the regular site does not have.

Bonus Features

In addition to all the fun ways to earn cash with InboxDollars, they also have WinIt codes. InboxDollars shares WinIt promotional codes on social media platforms, such as Twitter and Facebook and you can redeem these codes for cash and prizes! Yet another awesome way to boost that cash balance.

Pros Cons
  •        Countless Ways to Earn
  •        Fun and Interactive Surveys
  •        $5 Sign-Up Bonus
  •        Awesome Bonus Offers
  •        Blog and Social Media Promotions
  •  Umm, still trying to find one!

My Review

InboxDollars is by far my top recommendation when it comes to online survey sites; there are multiple ways to earn that fun and interactive, with a variety of activities so you never get bored! To learn more about online survey sites, check out my post Make Money with Online Surveys; and then join InboxDollars before any other site! =)


Membership Fee: Free Membership! – includes $5 Bonus! (Click to Join)

Rating: 9.5/10

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