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Working from home can be an amazing, rewarding, and life-changing experience! Although it takes a higher level of dedication and perseverance, the freedom working from home can offer is definitely worth the journey. And with all the different ways to work from home and new opportunities available, anyone can do it! Of course, this isn’t to say working from home is every person’s cup of tea because it is not an easy road; but if you are here, you’re thinking about it and that’s the first step! So please let me be one of the first to say Yay!

My goal is to maybe shine a little light on the wonderful world of working from home before you start your search and get bombarded with get-rich-quick schemes, “make money now” gimmicks, or pyramid scams. I’ve fallen for more tricks then I’d care to admit, but now I look at those experiences as life lessons. I am definitely not saying it wasn’t frustrating; however, I was able to learn the most valuable lesson—it takes hard work, dedication, and lots of heart! As I mentioned before, not everyone will enjoy or even want to work from home. This is why I feel before we can discuss the necessary equipment, recommended services, or possible financial investments, we need to talk about the driving force behind your success or failure—your mindset. Although it does take a certain about of knowledge, skill, and education to work from home; whether as a business owner or remote employee, the mindset you keep will determine your success or failure. In my opinion, your state of mind is the foundation of being a successful entrepreneur.

When I first started looking for ways to make money from home, I think I gave up about 150 million times because it was overwhelming and almost disheartening. There were times I felt I would never succeed or reach my goals. But as Mr. Heywood so eloquently stated, Rome wasn’t built in a day—and after licking my wounds for a while, I decided not to give up! Over the last few years, I have discovered it takes much more than skill or knowledge or even money to work from home or own your own business. So I came up with what I call the 3 Ds; a way to keep my mind in a positive and motivated state to realize my dream of working from home.

3 Ds- Discipline, Dedication, & Drive

The 3 Ds are the foundation of which your business or how you work is based on. While discovering ways to work from home, I quickly learned the first thing required is patience and perseverance. Working from home also requires one to stay focused, stay grounded, and stay humble. But we’ll talk about all of this while exploring the 3 Ds.



Working from home or running your own business takes a lot of discipline because you have to enforce the rules on yourself. What tasks need to be completed and the timeframe for each and how much will be spent on business needs are a couple of duties involved. It takes discipline to work when you have a choice to do something more fun. This is how you transform from an employee to the boss; from being told what to do, to making the important decisions. The key to remaining disciplined is developing good habits. Recently, my pastor shared a quote that really resonated with me: “Successful people do consistently what others do occasionally.” Basically, success is not going to find you in one day or after one try. Success is the result of many small positive steps of discipline. This helps me stay grounded, knowing that the journey is taken one step at a time.   


Looking back on my journey to working from home, I think the best analogy to describe the experience is a locomotive leaving the dock. The take-off is torturously slow and it requires so much effort, but once the train gets to moving- it is very hard to stop! Working from home can be the same, a slow start where you not making much money to making a decent living; however, it is all up to you. It does take time, but your results are a reflection of your efforts. Dedication kicks in when it gets difficult or you feel it would be easier to just find a regular job. Again, I turn to Pastor Craig Groeschel from Life Church regarding the 3 reasons why we are not successful in reaching goals. The first is our distorted self-identity sabotages our success, or don’t believe we can be entrepreneurs. The next is we focus on the “what” but not the “how”; meaning, we want to make lots of money working from home but not really looking at what it takes to get to that level. And the last, but I believe is the biggest reason people are not successful is we don’t see results or progress fast enough. Stay focused on the bigger picture and the goal of working from home.


This is the motivation behind why you want to work from home. Whether it’s to have more time with the kids or be able to fulfill your dream of traveling the world; this is the force you’ll use to keep it pushing! Initially, I wanted to work from home because I couldn’t find a job in my area and I needed a way to provide for my boys. But now, I want to work from home so I have more freedom to enjoy my boys’ high school events. It’s wonderful to be able to attend games when I had to work before. Your drive should not be just to make money, it has to be more personal than money. When the road gets bumpy and seems so long, your “drive” is what will keep you pushing. There are days I just want to sleep in and have a lazy day but I remember why I work from home- my boys, and I keep it pushing! Not only to provide but to show them how hard work can pay off. My boys help me stay humble and remind me of where I started.

The 3 Ds are my way of building a strong mindset and creating a solid foundation for a successful brand. Working from home or operating a business is not easy; it will bring challenges. You will get tired and discouraged, people who don’t want you to succeed will try to bring you down and test you to see how bad you really want it. But success will find you if you are diligent, focused, and determined. Hopefully, this will help prepare your mind for successfully working from home.

Skills and Equipment

When working from home, some of the equipment will depend on the job type or career field you choose. For example, a transcriptionist may want or need to have a foot pedal to take control of the audio recording while they type. Or software to help keep track of mileage for merchandisers. However, there are basic skills, tools, and equipment that are usually required in most business operations. This is definitely not a complete list, but it’s based on my experiences with various work from home possibilities.


According to Merriam-Webster, a skill is the ability to use one’s knowledge effectively and readily in execution or performance. So basically, anything and everything you can do well is considered a skill and you will need to tap into that inner pool of greatness. But let’s start with some of the essentials. Basic computer (and smartphone) skills, such as using programs, navigating the internet, and typing are a few that will be required whether you decide to become a remote employee or an entrepreneur. Email is probably one of the more important skills to have because this is how you will communicate with others; whether to an employer regarding upcoming tasks or an entrepreneur marketing new products. Which brings me to another ability that is usually not mentioned but is vital: communication. Written and verbal communication skills are essential to a successful work from home business because this is how you will connect with others; customers, vendors, and colleagues. And if you don’t feel confident in your abilities, don’t worry! You will learn as you go, improve, and then master those skills.

Earlier, we talked about tapping into our inner pool of skills; and what I mean is realizing you have more skills than you think. The experience will guide you with discovering these talents. I worked for a health insurance company as a quality assurance coordinator, making sure all policies and procedures were followed. Of course, typing and navigating programs were skills I was using but in retrospect, I realized it was much more than just typing and running programs. I learned how to create and implement policy guides, run reports based on data in Microsoft programs, and use my creativity for marketing. All of which are beneficial when working from home and they have given me an advantage. So I encourage you to recall and use your experiences and knowledge to your advantage; you will find you know more than you think!


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The type of equipment, tools, and programs you will need to work from home will depend on the category of business you choose. However, there are essentials necessary for the home office, whether you’re a business owner or a remote employee. A computer or laptop is the first recommended piece of equipment. I feel silly saying this, but you would be surprised how many people don’t own a computer and use their phone for everything (raising my hand because I was one of those). This is great, but as I progressed with my business, it became difficult to work efficiently on my smartphone. Another recommendation would be a printer/fax/scan/copy machine. I’m not saying it’s an absolute necessity, but having an all-in-one printer has proven to be extremely valuable when working from home. This is especially true for independent contractors who may need to print off instructions or send requested information to clients.

A few tools or programs I would suggest are ones for daily operations, financial tracking, and progress tracking. Microsoft Excel has been a good friend to me; I’m able to organize data, keep track of expenses, and so much more! I would also recommend an application for those who drive a great deal for work-related purposes, such as Mile IQ. QuickBooks Self-Employed is another handy tool that helps me keep track of mileage as well as create invoices for clients, pay other contractors, and keep a record of taxes. Again, this is not to say these programs are absolutely necessary, but somethings you may want to consider as you get further into work from home journey.

Are You Ready?

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So many people dream of the financial freedom and flexibility that working from home can offer, but most do not understand how challenging the journey to success can be. However, realizing those dreams are very possible– if you work hard, stay focused, and remember why you want to work from home. You are more prepared than you think! Tap into your hidden skills and talents, and remember to never stop learning! This journey is not only about success and freedom, but it’s also about personal growth. I hope I was able to give you a general, transparent idea of what it takes to work from home and encourage you to follow your dreams!

Now that we have discussed the foundation of a home-based business, please explore SAHBM. Check out ways to work from home and the difference between a Remote Employee and Independent Contractor.

As always, thank you so much for taking the time to visit my page. Please feel free to leave a comment, ask a question, or make a suggestion! And be sure to check back for updates! I wish you much success. =) God Bless!


  1. There is this say that your mind determines your success.

    Working from home is a task that you have to set you mind to focus on one business.

    Working from home is the best actually you don’t have to stress yourself going out and coming back tired and stressed out and trust me most times the money you make working at home is far better than that of outside cause its your own business and you can grow it to the best it can ever reach.

    I normally advice those about to retire to make sure they find or create businesses that they would be working from home so they still gain more funds.

    • I like that saying! I believe it to be 100% true because our minds are our most powerful tools. I do enjoy less stress these days, but I’m still working hard–this time for myself! I like your advice about retirees building a business so they can continue to work from home. In today’s economy, we have to be prepared for everything! Thanks for visiting! 

  2. I believe it’s very possible to work from home. And I’m grateful for coming across Wealthy Affiliate which has given me the opportunity to start my on website and create my brand. I’m really working hard at developing my website and online business so I can quit my regular day job. When I’m able to do that, I will keep the3 D’s firmly in mind.

    Thanks for this write-up

    • I am grateful for Wealthy Affiliate too, Louis! I feel they are what I have been looking for to jumpstart my online business. Yes! Remember those 3 Ds and you’ll be quitting in no time! =) All the best to you! 

  3. These are great bucket lists of working from home. I really got to learn a lot from it as I also do work from home. Sometimes it’s challenging and uncomfortable but I somehow find a way to always pull through especially using the 3-Ds as described above. Am gonna check back for more interesting posts such as this after bookmarking your site. Really helpful. Keep up the good work. 

    • Thanks Ayodeji, I’m so glad it was helpful! I definitely can be challenging, but it doesn’t mean impossible! I will be updated as I have so much more to share, so I hope to see you soon! All the best to you! 

  4. Working from home is definitely an interesting experience. It comes with Its advantages and challenges. Working from home requires extreme dedication and discipline as you need to meet deadlines and targets every single time but the interesting thing is that you could work at any convenient time and earn your money.

    • You are right about that, Ennymatics, working from home does come with challengings and advantages. But it is worth the effort and time invested! Thank you so much for taking the time to visit my page and leave a comment! All the best to you. 

  5. You have said it all in this article. I must commend you. Working from home is one hell of a task, it is not easy to work from home, especially If you have little kids that are still home with you as you are working..I started working from home since last year and I must confess it hasn’t been easy, then when I started, I lacked the resources and tools to make me succeed, the determination and drive was there and I kept on pushing, but look at me today, I can boost of making $800+ per month unlike when I don’t get anything when I started earlier..

    • Thank you so much! I really appreciate your kind words and completely agree; working from home is not easy! I understand what you mean about lacking resources and tools, but you are another success story on how dedication can get the results you want! I hope for continued success for you! 

  6. I would really love my wife to read this. I prefer her to start working from home due to the *am to 6pm work she is doing which doesn’t give her much time to spend with me at home. You were able to make it known that any person interested in working from home could actually learn and start doing it to earn if the person is Discipline dedicate and drive.

    • I’m so glad you feel this article is share-worthy; my goal is just to help others get started on their journey and maybe motivate them to keep going! I hope your wife does get the chance to work from home because if I can do, I am certain she can! All the best to you and thank you so much for checking out SAHBM! 

  7. Polycarp Momoh

    This is one issue bothering many. The fact that there are many opportunities out there in the vast WWW is not known by some and even many that know about it, don’t have the means to access it or do not know where to start from. Well I thank God for wealthy affiliates who has been helping people get the best out of working at home. Nice article. 

    • You are absolutely right! Wealthy Affiliate does help people get the best out of working from home if they are willing to put in the work! Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment; al the best to you! 

  8. The journey of working from home is really an uneasy one and not everyone can do it. It requires perseverance, patience, self discipline and consistency in other to achieve this goal of financial freedom. Anyone who wants this financial freedom online should join wealthy affiliates and I stand to succeed with them. 

    • I totally agree with you, Kenechi! Wealthy Affiliate is a great place for people who want to build an online business; whether is e-commerce or blogging! Thanks for taking the time to check out my site and leave a comment! 

  9. Hmm, this is amazing. Before now a lot of thought has been running through my mind on how I can be financially independent. I’m tired of asking my parent everything I want. With this, I started attending many Meetup about Success. From the Meetup ,I heard about online businesses. They were the crypto currency and likes. I head many testimony from people who was fortunate to hit jackpot from the business. The sad thing was that, the cryptoworld started crashing when I joined it. It was very sad.

    Since then, I have been looking for a long lasting online business.

    i love earning from home without attaching myself to any boss which might eventually become arrogant. I want to be my own boss.

    This is like an awareness to me. Thanks for that.

    • Thank you so much, Ms. Angel! Becoming financially independent is one of my life goals too! I want to know what it feels like to be debt free! It’s great to hear you want to be your own boss, I think it’s a great choice for someone who is truly dedicated like yourself! All the best to you! 

  10. I have always been interested in the “make money from home” type of business.It’s good that you list equipment that you will need. I did not know that people tried to make money online with just a smart phone.I am old school computer with monitor and keyboard and mouse and microphone and speakers.So do you recommend being an independent contractor or owning your own business?Discipline dedication and drive the 3 D’s, I like that. In my experience you really, really need those three things.You will invariably run into problems. If you do not have to drive, the discipline, and the dedication, you will probably fail.Do you have any programs that you recommend?

    • Hey there Tom. I know it’s not a complete list, but this is equipment I use quite regularly. You are completely right, we will run into problems and issues while running a business; it’s inevitable. But if you do have the dedication, you will overcome! 

      If you’re building a website or a blogger, I would definitely recommend Wealthy Affiliate! It’s the best place to learn, develop, and grow your online business! 

  11. Kehinde Segun

    Thank you for this amazing article about Working from home. Believe me I have always thought is the easiest way to make living but I found out It’s not as easy as it sounds. Truly, the advantage is more than It’s disadvantage. Especially after reading your tips. Discipline is the most important to have because working at home will have lot’s of distractions, Then Drive will keep you going and Dedication will make you see the desire results. The having the Knowledge and Tools to succeed will get you the desired result.

    • It’s my pleasure, Kehinde! Over the years, I have learned a lot about not only running an online business but also about myself and my skills. The 3 Ds has certainly kept me focused not only on the big picture but on learning new skills as well. When I applied these principles to every aspect of my life, it became a little easier! And I agree with you, if you stick with it and commit to your success, you will see the desired results! 

  12. Dedication, Drive and Discipline…these 3Ds are strong message passers. How to harness these Three D’s is like very important after being humble, focused and grounded. In fact for me personally, I think my most important and vital D is Dedication. The fact that you can persevere and endure sleepless nights and lengthy afternoon goes a long way to show and relay your hunger for success.

    • I really appreciate that, Oneal. I feel like it’s taken me longer than it should to reach certain goals and get in MY groove for success, but the 3 Ds has definitely helped me stay on track. And I absolutely agree, your perseverance will directly affect your success! 

  13. Thanks very much for sharing this very informative article on working from home. Working and earning a living from home is the dream of most people out there this days, but a lot of people failed as they lacked most of the requirements stated in the post and are not ready to put in efforts that will help in yielding positive results. I’ll share the post with friends on social media, I hope it helped them get a glimpse of what it takes to make a living right from the comfort of one’s building.

    • Hey Muhiyb, and I really appreciate you sharing this article with others. My goal is to be transparent and reach those who are serious about working from home. I learned some lessons the hard way, and if I can help one person start off on the right foot to working from home–I’ll be happy! Thanks again for visiting! 

  14. Hello Geneva,I agree with you subject to having a successful mindset to be able to run a successful online business or any business. I liked the three-dimensional analogy of Discipline, Dedication, and Drive. Due diligence, extreme focus and a willingness to learn new skill-sets are vital elements for your success in today’s world.Thank you for sharing

    • Thanks for leaving a comment, Paul! The 3 Ds have helped me reach my goals thus far and I hope it helps others to develop their own system that falls in line with dedication and determination to succeed. 

  15. Hi Neva,

    Awesome! It’s the most in-depth article about work from home. I like the 3 Ds principles – Discipline, Dedication, and Drive because working from home requires one to stay focused, stay motivated, and have a strong desire to succeed. Working from home is not easy but if you have the right mindset to acquire the skills to build your online business you’re on the way to achieve unrestricted freedom – Financial, Time & Location.

    Thank you for this brilliant article and l will check back for more updates.

    Best Regards.

    • Hi Shui, and thank you so much for visiting my page. I feel that I have learned the hard way what it takes to work from home or run an online business. I’m glad to know this may help someone who is considering taking this route. Thanks again! 

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